Why COMPASS33 is helpful?

  • Compass33 will create a database of people who visited your enterprise, including location and time of appearance, and you will be able to classify VIP, regular or undesirable customer;
  • All your employees will be in the database – this will help to improve monitoring and control and provide access to the necessary areas;
  • If you already have photos or video of your clients whom you have chosen to distinguish from the general list, COMPASS33 will easily process the existing photo and video images, integrating it into the database;
  • COMPASS33 is user-friendly, but if necessary, we may easily customize it for your needs;
  • COMPASS33 will instantly inform your personnel that a special client arrived;
  • COMPASS33 will provide event archive;
  • It includes the option to review a video file by choosing the relevant alert;
  • Your database is encrypted and no one can access it. Even we cannot;
  • Express settings according to any regulatory frameworks;
  • Continuous monitoring of camera functioning, alerts if:

– Video-camera disfunction;

– Video-camera sabotage (someone has turned it off or closed it)

COMPASS33 – easy to use

The main dashboard

All the functioning cameras are shown at the main control board. Operator may check all movements and faces captured by the cameras

Video-camera settings

Video-camera setting interface is intuitive and allows setting all configurations rapidly.

Downloaded images search

COMPASS33 alalyses the downloaded video and photo images in different formats

Person identification

Less that 1 second is needed between recognition of a person and sending notification to operator

Face images

Person recognition occurs based on his/her photo images in the database.


Notifications are sent to e-mail and/or Telegram