Face recognition – applications


Public security – Options

Because it can be connected to the current municipal video surveillance infrastructure, the Compass33 face recognition system is able to improve the level of public security in the city and can be used to search for missing people and criminals.

Sporting venues and events

Face recognition technology will raise the level of safety and security at the event. It will help to identify trouble-makers, and prevent appearance of undesirable people. Access to the site may be provided by the two-factor staff identification, i.e. it becomes impossible to pass through an electronic turnstile with a stolen or fake card.

Airports, Railway and Bus Stations

Face recognition technology may be used for the double-verification of faces at passport and/or border control. At passport control, operator matches faces with passport photos. This procedure may become easier if using biorecognition technology.

Public offices and Healthcare facilities

Face recognition in Government offices makes it possible to improve the level of safety and security. The technology also provides monitoring and attendance records of staff members, gives statistical data including extra working hours, delays, incidents, etc.